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Claim your FREE King George V Silver Threepence today!

King George V is fondly remembered as Britain’s tenacious and conscientious wartime monarch, who embodied Britain’s fighting spirit during World War I. It was George who historically changed the name of the royal house from the German ‘Saxe-Coburg and Gotha’ to the English-sounding ‘Windsor’.

During his reign, the British Empire ruled over a quarter of the globe and was at its peak; his Silver coinage would have traded throughout the empire.

The London Mint Office has acquired a limited number of the original Silver threepence, affectionately known as the ‘thrupence’, struck during the reign of this much-loved monarch.

Claim your FREE coin now (plus £2.50 postage) – limited supply available!

The coin features the bare-headed portrait of King George V by Bertram Mackennal, and on its reverse, the three crossed springs of oak with three leaves and three acorns. The word ‘three’ is to the left of the design and the word ‘pence’ to the right.

It is fascinating to wonder how and where this original Silver threepence could have changed hands, and what it could have possibly purchased. It could have travelled to battle in the pockets of soldiers, or bought a pound of sugar and your daily newspapers back home.

This limited coin is available FREE from The London Mint Office. Only one coin per household is allowed – claim yours today to avoid disappointment.

By securing your King George V Silver Threepence, you have no further commitments and your purchase is protected by The London Mint Office 14 day ‘no quibble’ guarantee. You have no further obligations.

Please note there is a strict limitation of one per household.

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